Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodies from Kyoto

Elephant Coasters

Felted Mushroom Purse

My daughter who visited a best friend in Kyoto last summer
brought back these thoughtful gifts for my birthday (49 ugh!) and Christmas.
Of course she could not wait to give them to me!

10 Second Terrarium

I borrowed this vase from my Mum a long time ago.
At the last minute before
my family arrived for Thanksgiving,
I placed some stones, ivy, fern fronds, a twig,
a succulent and some water and voila!

Nighty, Night Anna Maria Alberghetti

I used to say this as a kid, sort of a take off on the Waltons' good
night. I have been meaning to google the name because
I told my family that it was the name of a neighbor!
What a pleasant surprise!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Indoor Flower Red on White

Here it is! The bloom lasted exactly one week.
Last night it faded before our eyes as we did the dishes.
Mum reminded me that the cutting for this plant actually came from Auntie G in Seattle.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Succulents from the 99.9 Cent Store

(photo taken at 6:30 am)

(photo taken at 11:30pm)
My Mum bought this as a miniature plant a year and a half ago at the 99 Cent store. We now have five plants between us. She grows them indoors, I put my original plant out in the yard. My indoor plant looks like a pair of antlers. The branches cannot really support their own weight so they break off easily. I was going to replant it in a bigger pot when I saw the flower bud! OMG, I am so honored! I am not touching the plant, don't want to jinx it! Will it look like the out door version? Stay tuned...

Las 4 MMMM's: New and recycled building materials...

Las 4 MMMM's
Madera Nueva Y Usada
Materiales Para Construccion
(323) 225-3195
5230 Valley Blvd.
LA, 90023
(End North 710, left on Valley 1/3 mile)

I have lived in my neighborhood for three and almost a half years now and never noticed these guys! They have old railings, lamp posts, tubs, lumber, bricks and inside they have a collection of doors and light fixtures. I had fun looking at the selection of doors. I plan to drop by on a regular basis. Take cash!
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