Monday, August 31, 2009

Tree Trimmed

Yes, that is Mount Wilson this evening a 7pm.
The hawk is happy to hang out.

This is the tree before it was trimmed.

This is the tree now.

It is normally a great view without the presence of wildfire!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flea Markets on the Fourth Sunday

I am in the mood for flea. It's not the first Sunday (Pasadena City College), and it's not the third Sunday (Veterans Stadium, Long Beach). Well, I'll have to try something new!
Okay, I have to journey to Santa Monica (pictured) or to Torrance. I have never been to the Santa Monica Flea at the Barker Hanger, but have seen it while on the way to the art fair. The location is really pleasant! It reminds me of England. If I go to Torrance a baby flea, I will also drop by Memory Lane, which is indoors and very laid back. You can drink your Starbucks while listening to the oldies and looking about the organized boothes. Hat, sunscreen, tennies, bags, and I gotta get gas and cash...Good thing I am posting this 'cause I forgot the camera! Ha!

Wertz Brothers Flea Market Calendar and other links

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Side Project: Refurbishing my Robertshaw Oven and Stove

I spent the early morning grooving over a remodel of a ranch home on AT and Atomic Ranch today. The trend and poularity of stainless in the remodeled kitchen is almost becoming too mainstream for me. Putting in panels on the appliances that match the cabinets are a great idea! And, how about vintage? I thought about refurbishing my stovetop, but if I do, will it work in the remodeled kitchen? I went on line to do some searching. I can repaint the stove grates, replace the drip pans, rechrome the burner knob plates, and replace the knobs with classic reproductions.
I am also working on the Western-Holly Robertshaw oven. Because of the self-venting many of the clock/timer knobs have been burned by the heat and crumbled away. I could also use some racks for the broiler. I love the way this oven cooks. Although it is small, it cooks to perfection.
Look at this Roper oven. Please scroll down for the details! Check out the burner grates!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hodge Podge Lodge Updates...

We hung sheers, switched the coffee tables and changed the angle of the red setee.

A new painting by H.K. Zamani and a $20 chair from a church rummage sale.

The rods and sheers are from my Mum's house.
They look as if they were made for this house.

The Beauty of Succulents

I wish this plant belonged to me!

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