Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea Towel of the Month: March

My mother had this tea towel and another one in blue during the seventies. We must have worn them to shreds. I count not find them the last time I scavenged through Mum's tea towel drawer. Bela Dia has one! Check out Bela Dia's collection of handmade items on her flickr . Here is a link to her blog. For more fab tea towels check out flickr's Vintage Screened Tea Towel Group, and, you can see Bella Dia's creative tea cozys too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Wish List...

As I look at my furniture every piece of furniture needs work, even the floor! I have always wanted to take a furniture refinishing class at the local community college. When I taught a ballet class at Cerritos College, students would pull their trucks up to the dock of the building next door and unload their furniture projects. I can imagine working through the evening with all the roll up doors open, the smell of varnish and orange oil mingling with the cool air... I would love to be in that class! I browse the community college and education fliers for classes every chance I get. These classes are usually scheduled for Wednesday nights and, (sigh) I don't get home early enough.

Seattle/Tehran Art Poster Show

Mystery House: Week 25

Wow ! Six months have past since we have been visiting this project once a week. Now we are wondering if there are plans to build more!

Crocheted Soft Pots...

I have the urge for a great spring purge of 'stuff" from both at home and at work. So, what to do with remnants and sample runs of four way stretch bathing suit fabric? I have been pondering this for many a year. I cut it up and crocheted it, of course. Well hell, Eunice! I might even 'crowcher' me up some coasters!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yeah! I Have Lilies!

Even though we have lived in our "ranchito" for close to three years (4 more months), I am still finding surprises in the garden. Of course that bit of rain in early February helped move things along. The succulents have grown and I found two lily plants below the deck. The larger plant had two flowers on it, I cut one for the house. I have loved lilies and the color green ever since my youngest aunt, Maggs, put us in bottle green Victorian bridesmaids dresses and had us carry them as bouquets.

Mystery House: Week 24

What a performance. Luckily, I was up early because I had to get milk. I wish it wasn't overcast, but I am sure that it made it easier for the stucco dancers!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cuckoo for Coasters?

The other day I was looking at thekitchn post on coasters. So I pose the question, "At what point are you over the edge with coasters?" I suppose you could be a coaster collector or a coaster connoisseur. I have eight sets of coasters. Three are specifically used in the living room, two sets are only used for drinks that don't sweat. These are five of my favorites!

It all started in the late seventies with cheap souvenir coasters from Paris (above) and eighties cardboard pub coasters from Cost Plus.

These black and white English "Hitchin Herts Landmarks" coasters will last forever!
I have coasters from Paris, so Daughter brought these home for us from Prague.

And she also bought me these, to satisify my obsession with wood!

Daylight Savings Time

BH! I am not ready to get up an hour earlier. But this vintage teapot clock on Ebay is really fab and takes me back. I think my Nanny had one.

Mystery House: Week 22

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Indoor Lava Rock

Smith and Hawken have these wonderful ferns that grow on a lava rock. The lava rock sits in a big glass bowl with small stones and water in the bottom. The lava rock wicks up the water to the fern! If you want to see one you will have to visit a store or take a trip to Hawaii. I bought one as a gift, but did not have my camera with me. I found a black lava rock in my yard and stuck some succulents in it for a similar effect.

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