Sunday, April 26, 2009

Succulents Abound

It is time to thin out the succulents! This is just one plant!
There are at least eighty plantlets in the front yard.
Depending on the location, I like
to keep them the size of an iceberg lettuce!
As you can see, they like to mound!
I carefully dig out the entire plant then gentely remove the plantlets.
Be sure to wear rubber coated gardening gloves to protect against the sharp thorns.
Make sure that there are no air pockets when you replant by tamping the soil.

Mystery House: Week 30

There is a row of shrubs planted,
I guess, below the drip line of the roof.
I want to take a night shot.
I will capture it when all the patio lights are on!

Tea Towel of the Month: April

callmejasper at Etsy has some fabulous tea towels in her shop!

I love this one. It looks good hanging over the rail
because of the double image. Pull up a stool!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Banana Muffins at Chez Dave

Wedenesday afternoon tea! Yippie!

Saved by the Aloevera

An aloe caught me

and stopped me from falling

into this cactus! I would have been really mad at myself if I had damaged it!
I hope the aloe is going to be okay!

It's alovely day in the neighborhood...

Amazing amaryllis in the hood. I don't remember these looking this glorious last year!

Mystery House: Week 29

Dawns early light.

A Visit to Newland Hardware

What a nice surprise in the parking lot! I am looking for a vintage soap holder base that has always been missing from the bathtub. I did not find it, but I did find good service and good information!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lovely Leftovers

These lovely leftovers of fabric and patterns made out of magazines and old Christmas cards were used to make the quilt in the picture. I like to keep these in English cookie and candy tins.

That's my Aunty Aud in the photo. I made three flower sachets
out of this fabric with her in England.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mothra Lives

"G** D*** It! We have been hit! I knew it!," the hubby exclaims with exasperation. He is trying to get out the door and he is late! Our policy is to paint out tagging immediately, at night, and even after rain, so he prepares to paint it out.

I think it says 'mother' he says. But when we look closer we realize it says Mothra!

It was thought out, out-lined, not really a tag! Hubby asks what is Mothra? "You know, Godzilla vs. Megalon, Godzilla vs. Mothra," I say. I run back up to the house to get my camera. I snap pictures and the hubby snaps pictures.

We both actually like the artists spirit and
agreed not to paint it out until it gets tagged.

Me and Mothra! Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mystery House: Week 28 Extra Visit

View of Hodge Podge Lodge (tall juniper trees) from the Mystery House.

Nice garage door!

Landscaping begins!

My favorite view from the street below!

Mystery House: Week 28

The railing has been installed yippee! Okay I am going for a visit as soon as I finish my cuppa (tea). When you enter through our front door onto the split level entry, you can see this house framed perfectly through a west facing window! We have been vary weary of new homes built in this area and are generally pleased with this one.

Setting the Table

I must admit that I do not know the formal rules for table setting, however it seems that through the family I use the international style according to Mr. Eddie Ross, Martha Stewart's magazine editor. My desert fork might be facing the wrong way (it should be to the right) and maybe it should be below the spoon. Let's see...

Wow, I swear that I didn't peak. I'm missing a big spoon and I guess the fruit salad bowl should go where the bread and butter plate would be and the cup and saucer... Okay, here is a lesson on the table setting styles from Eddie Ross via the kitchn.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting Organized: Moxie-girl Style

There is no shortage of role models of organization on flickr.
Check out Moxie-girls magazine boxes covered with vintage fabric swatches and her shop.
I picked up some plain white ones at Ikea. Later on, I might stick some paper on them.
Now I just need the book shelf!
Thanks Moxie-girl!

Out and About: Old Buildings I Love

Yes, I have been on spring break and finally had the time to take some pictures during the day of building in areas that I haunt. I live in north east LA, when I drive down the hill I am in Alhambra, and when I cross two traffic lights I am in South Pasadena.
Huntington Road and Main Street, Alhambra

Lake Avenue and California Boulevard, Pasadena

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hot Cross Buns from Sunset Magazine

My Recipes is a site that shares recipes from magazines and other sites. I found them via Apartment Therapy's the kitchn (phew, link o rama). Anyway, I am going to make the Hot Cross Bun recipe. I am going to add some orange peel to it if I don't come across decent candied fruit at Albertsons! Wish me luck! It will follow up!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Wow! As good as it gets! Good thing I had my camera!

Hey Mum! What are you feeding your indoor plants?

Look, yes, that is a poinsettia in April!

For the orchids, this is their second bloom since Christmas.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Best of the Best

Check out these tea cozies that were knit by Jilly from New Zealand! The are tops! Wow! I came across them and some exquisite photos of New Zealand, Ireland and England taken by her husband Nigel on his flickr. I have always wanted to go to new Zealand after seeing a garden tour on the PBS show Victory Garden.

Off the Grid

Buddha approves! Using a push mower is not so bad after all. First, I de-dog and pull the dandelions (usually not in the same day). We leave the clipping on the lawn to work as a fertilizer. I have cut down to watering the lawn twice each week (other areas less!), therefore we only need mow once or maybe twice each month.

Lava Rock Madness

Yeah, my own lava rock plant from the Pasadena Flea!

Across the Pond: Casper James Designs Update

Dig the blue Formica table. Check out the radio on the counter.
Many of my rellies still use these today!
Yummy color! Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with "l".

Nice table! Nice rug!


Casper James
For more retro inspiration with a twist of lime visit his flickr.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pasadena City College Flea Market

Book plate prints ready to go in contemporary glass frames, $30 each or three for $20 each.

Fun and groovey stuff!

Paul McCobb chairs swept up in an instant! The tulip table is in excellent shape!

Too good to be true! Teak and laminate desks $200 each! Delivered!

They are in great shape and really well made. I really wanted them for our fantasy home office! I'm having a pity party over these!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mystery House: Week 27

Plant (E)scape

Well this seems to be a weekly occurrence. It is cheap and cheerful. I did splurge on a succulent from the 99.99 cents store!
Here is the other one.

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