Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lambs Ear & common blue succulent

Lambs Ear 109 by emmajay2008
Lambs Ear 109 a photo by emmajay2008 on Flickr.

While spending at least two hours trying to search for the correct name of this common succulent loved by the squirrels in my 'hood. I have decided to identify all the succulents and cacti at hodge podge lodge! How's that for continuing education! Wish me luck!

Psycho Squirrel returns...

The only kind of squirrel I like is a ceramic one made by Jonathan Adler!

Our neighborhood squirrels enjoy the juicy blue succulents on the deck in between the tall 50 year old cypress trees.

Thankfully, I also have them planted near the front door, where they are thriving.

I have replanted many of my sister-in-law's patio pots with succulents because her apartment patio gets sun all day long. If I don't hurry up, she will be back in San Diego to her yard, that is much cooler, but also a home to squirrels!

My husband thinks that they are just thirsty and I should put the kitty's water dish back on the deck!
Any suggestions?

Family Dinner...

Family dinner Japanese inspired minimal table setting.
Roast beef, yorkshire pudding, and garlic brussel sprouts for dinner and trifle for dessert. I float the candles on rocks instead of water. The SNAR mats were acquired from IKEA many moons ago and I am glad to see that they are still in the website if not at the Carson store. I used them for my parents 25th wedding anniversary. I used to worry about anything damaging my table, which seems so petty these days. A good wipe over with Howard Feed-N-Wax and I'm over it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hornsea Vase

Hornsea Vase by emmajay2008
Hornsea Vase a photo by emmajay2008 on Flickr.

I bought this at the Hitchin Flea about 12 years ago. I knew it was Hornsea but that was about it! Know I know it called Tanglewood!

Our new FLOR rugs.

I already have some FLOR tile runners in the house. I love them because they do not move when you vacuum. The choices are almost overwhelming. The design application is really helpful. And, now, when you order, it is so easy to get tiles cut.
I chose the British wool made in America!
What is great about these carpet tiles is that I can configure the runners into a rug!
No more rug pads to deal with! Yay!


Please think about supporting the Red Cross with a donation to for their efforts to help the Japanese people.
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