Thursday, December 31, 2009

Got To Have A Plan

Wow, here we are with a actual measured drawing
and a materials list for our garage door replacement.

The materials are now in the garage ready to go!
We are eager to get the project started, now that we have a new
"jam jar". The hubby does not think that jam jar
will fit in the garage, but I disagree!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ruben Toledo In The House

This week I plan a holiday escape
by Ruben Toledo.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodies from Kyoto

Elephant Coasters

Felted Mushroom Purse

My daughter who visited a best friend in Kyoto last summer
brought back these thoughtful gifts for my birthday (49 ugh!) and Christmas.
Of course she could not wait to give them to me!

10 Second Terrarium

I borrowed this vase from my Mum a long time ago.
At the last minute before
my family arrived for Thanksgiving,
I placed some stones, ivy, fern fronds, a twig,
a succulent and some water and voila!

Nighty, Night Anna Maria Alberghetti

I used to say this as a kid, sort of a take off on the Waltons' good
night. I have been meaning to google the name because
I told my family that it was the name of a neighbor!
What a pleasant surprise!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Indoor Flower Red on White

Here it is! The bloom lasted exactly one week.
Last night it faded before our eyes as we did the dishes.
Mum reminded me that the cutting for this plant actually came from Auntie G in Seattle.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Succulents from the 99.9 Cent Store

(photo taken at 6:30 am)

(photo taken at 11:30pm)
My Mum bought this as a miniature plant a year and a half ago at the 99 Cent store. We now have five plants between us. She grows them indoors, I put my original plant out in the yard. My indoor plant looks like a pair of antlers. The branches cannot really support their own weight so they break off easily. I was going to replant it in a bigger pot when I saw the flower bud! OMG, I am so honored! I am not touching the plant, don't want to jinx it! Will it look like the out door version? Stay tuned...

Las 4 MMMM's: New and recycled building materials...

Las 4 MMMM's
Madera Nueva Y Usada
Materiales Para Construccion
(323) 225-3195
5230 Valley Blvd.
LA, 90023
(End North 710, left on Valley 1/3 mile)

I have lived in my neighborhood for three and almost a half years now and never noticed these guys! They have old railings, lamp posts, tubs, lumber, bricks and inside they have a collection of doors and light fixtures. I had fun looking at the selection of doors. I plan to drop by on a regular basis. Take cash!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dessert Glasses

My mum is packing up her kitchen in preparation for an extreme makeover! So I am having to decide whether or not to save our old stuff like these old dessert cups. Perfect for pudding or ice cream, but since I like looking at them, they will be holding thumb tacks and paper clips instead.

Mystery House: Close Call

We had a little scare near the Mystery House last Thursday, to say the least! A small grass fire consumed an empty lot that is next to a house built on stilts. You may be able to see the water that the fireman is laying down next to the house.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tree Trimmed

Yes, that is Mount Wilson this evening a 7pm.
The hawk is happy to hang out.

This is the tree before it was trimmed.

This is the tree now.

It is normally a great view without the presence of wildfire!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flea Markets on the Fourth Sunday

I am in the mood for flea. It's not the first Sunday (Pasadena City College), and it's not the third Sunday (Veterans Stadium, Long Beach). Well, I'll have to try something new!
Okay, I have to journey to Santa Monica (pictured) or to Torrance. I have never been to the Santa Monica Flea at the Barker Hanger, but have seen it while on the way to the art fair. The location is really pleasant! It reminds me of England. If I go to Torrance a baby flea, I will also drop by Memory Lane, which is indoors and very laid back. You can drink your Starbucks while listening to the oldies and looking about the organized boothes. Hat, sunscreen, tennies, bags, and I gotta get gas and cash...Good thing I am posting this 'cause I forgot the camera! Ha!

Wertz Brothers Flea Market Calendar and other links

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Side Project: Refurbishing my Robertshaw Oven and Stove

I spent the early morning grooving over a remodel of a ranch home on AT and Atomic Ranch today. The trend and poularity of stainless in the remodeled kitchen is almost becoming too mainstream for me. Putting in panels on the appliances that match the cabinets are a great idea! And, how about vintage? I thought about refurbishing my stovetop, but if I do, will it work in the remodeled kitchen? I went on line to do some searching. I can repaint the stove grates, replace the drip pans, rechrome the burner knob plates, and replace the knobs with classic reproductions.
I am also working on the Western-Holly Robertshaw oven. Because of the self-venting many of the clock/timer knobs have been burned by the heat and crumbled away. I could also use some racks for the broiler. I love the way this oven cooks. Although it is small, it cooks to perfection.
Look at this Roper oven. Please scroll down for the details! Check out the burner grates!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hodge Podge Lodge Updates...

We hung sheers, switched the coffee tables and changed the angle of the red setee.

A new painting by H.K. Zamani and a $20 chair from a church rummage sale.

The rods and sheers are from my Mum's house.
They look as if they were made for this house.

The Beauty of Succulents

I wish this plant belonged to me!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

KC MODERN: Bricks Still Rock My World

KC Modern is my favorite architectural blog for modest modern homes. This house is going straight to my idea/wish list file. I love brick, floating pavers in black pebbles, lots of glass and wood. I love the Kemper Home and the architect William S. Beckett!
Check out the KC Modern Flickr set on the house.

Garage Door Replacement with Recycled Windows

Our garage has two garage doors, a roll up faces the street and this one faces the yard. We love to swing open the inside door and enjoy the breeze, the view and a drink. But as a work space, it doesn't work. It has no natural light at all. I have a desk in there, the printer and my sewing machine. I only like to work in there with one of the garage doors open which is completely impractical. What is an easy low cost solution?

My parents are extending their kitchen and have six perfectly good windows that are looking for a new home! Yay!
It was my husband's idea to replace the inside garage door with the windows. I want to have a half wall for the machine and desks so we can still enjoy the breeze and view while working. We might even be able to get a car in there!
We will repeat the siding that is on the front of the house so it matches. Check out my inspiration Mel Bombardiere (here)!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Shape of Things to Come and Go

After attending a beautiful wedding ceremony of family friends on the cliffs of Palos Verdes, my eyes fell on this house. The configuration of new sight lines with flags warn of things to come. This house has obvious challenges. The concrete patio and over hangs might have cracks all over them. The hillside might actually be unstable and falling away. The view from this house is spectacular. On this afternoon, the shimmering Pacific Ocean is only offset by a beautiful single story church of modest size. Losing Modernist architecture is always tough!

Friday, June 26, 2009


On our way to decent fish tacos, we spied with our little eyes, "the Love Bug" or a love bug.
Of course, I got all nostalgic and had to snap a photo!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Out and About: Gilbert and George Always Land on Their Feet

Gilbert and George are showing engaging new work at Ardnt & Partner Berlin. I love the kaleidoscope and Spirograph effects, and of course the Union Jacks!
Check out the AlterMODERN Manifesto at Hecho Poetico.
Thanks to the HK Zamani for the link!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Formica For My (Our) Kitchen

I was having a cuppa with my Mum and we were lamenting over how her Formica laminate still looks great after at least twenty years of service to a family who basically lives in the kitchen. My parents are remodeling and we are fantasizing about recycling and refitting parts of her kitchen to my hubbies studio kitchen (stay tuned).

My fascination with Formica has evolved from visits to the Chemosphere (98) and the Neutra VDL House II (08) in Silverlake. Apartment Therapy featured a cool retro kitchen that would be right for my galley! Visit the Formica site here! You will be amazed at what they have to offer!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tea towels of the month: June

Where have I been? Jonathan Adler has a range of tea towels! Yeah! Tea towels I can use. Thanks to Laure for her post on them.

Brunch idea from Everyday Food on PBS

Canadian Bacon Strata is easy to make for brunch. The night before lightly toast English muffins and cut the in half. Put them in a buttered dish cut side down alternated with Canadian bacon (I use super thin honey ham). Sprinkle grated cheese over the top and pour an egg and milk mixture over that. Cover and refrigerate overnight, then bake in the morning. Yum, yum! I make a grapefruit and orange salad to go with it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Flickr Slide Show: Bruce Goff

Check out the flickr slide show on Bruce Goff.
For more info, you may want to
check out my previous post on the Bruce Goff film
by Heinz Emigholtz.

SAS for Retro Style Upholstery Fabric

Look Eames fabric!
Don't go in a hurry! Don't go hungry!
Don't go on a Sunday, they are closed!
Go with an open mind and cash! If you are looking for quality fabric at bargain prices,
this is the place to go!
If you want to cover multiple chairs,
you may have to dig for more pieces.
You will find it here at SAS Fabrics.
They deal in remnants
and have oodles of ribbon, trim and other goodies,
some of it is even vintage.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Succulents Abound

It is time to thin out the succulents! This is just one plant!
There are at least eighty plantlets in the front yard.
Depending on the location, I like
to keep them the size of an iceberg lettuce!
As you can see, they like to mound!
I carefully dig out the entire plant then gentely remove the plantlets.
Be sure to wear rubber coated gardening gloves to protect against the sharp thorns.
Make sure that there are no air pockets when you replant by tamping the soil.

Mystery House: Week 30

There is a row of shrubs planted,
I guess, below the drip line of the roof.
I want to take a night shot.
I will capture it when all the patio lights are on!

Tea Towel of the Month: April

callmejasper at Etsy has some fabulous tea towels in her shop!

I love this one. It looks good hanging over the rail
because of the double image. Pull up a stool!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Banana Muffins at Chez Dave

Wedenesday afternoon tea! Yippie!

Saved by the Aloevera

An aloe caught me

and stopped me from falling

into this cactus! I would have been really mad at myself if I had damaged it!
I hope the aloe is going to be okay!

It's alovely day in the neighborhood...

Amazing amaryllis in the hood. I don't remember these looking this glorious last year!

Mystery House: Week 29

Dawns early light.

A Visit to Newland Hardware

What a nice surprise in the parking lot! I am looking for a vintage soap holder base that has always been missing from the bathtub. I did not find it, but I did find good service and good information!
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