Thursday, August 7, 2008

Faux Bois For Less

Fake wood grain, mother earth's natural moire is very popular these days. It can be found in wallpaper patterns, carpets, pillows, sheets and furniture. My love of faux bois was ignited by the artist Brigitte Engler when she had her solo exhibition at POST, Los Angeles Then, I truely began obsessing about faux bois. I made lilac trees by covering 2 by 4's and chicken wire forms for South Bay Ballet and had way too much fun with my felt faux bois bark. I miss the wood grain textured cream paneling in our last house. Now I feed my obsession at http:///

It might be that you might have faux bois in your house and don't know it yet. We have two of those low end, white ceiling fans in our house. In the past my husband, not me, has climbed up on a stool to clean the blades. I was going to paint one side of the kitchen fan blades with chrome paint, however, as we took them down we discovered the reverse side was faux bois! We reinstalled to faux bois side and are happy campers. I looked online and Home Depot sells a similar version for about $20!

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