Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cuckoo for Coasters?

The other day I was looking at thekitchn post on coasters. So I pose the question, "At what point are you over the edge with coasters?" I suppose you could be a coaster collector or a coaster connoisseur. I have eight sets of coasters. Three are specifically used in the living room, two sets are only used for drinks that don't sweat. These are five of my favorites!

It all started in the late seventies with cheap souvenir coasters from Paris (above) and eighties cardboard pub coasters from Cost Plus.

These black and white English "Hitchin Herts Landmarks" coasters will last forever!
I have coasters from Paris, so Daughter brought these home for us from Prague.

And she also bought me these, to satisify my obsession with wood!

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Anonymous said...

great blog idea!!! we take special things like these for granted, but glad to see that they mean so much to you.

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