Sunday, July 12, 2009

Garage Door Replacement with Recycled Windows

Our garage has two garage doors, a roll up faces the street and this one faces the yard. We love to swing open the inside door and enjoy the breeze, the view and a drink. But as a work space, it doesn't work. It has no natural light at all. I have a desk in there, the printer and my sewing machine. I only like to work in there with one of the garage doors open which is completely impractical. What is an easy low cost solution?

My parents are extending their kitchen and have six perfectly good windows that are looking for a new home! Yay!
It was my husband's idea to replace the inside garage door with the windows. I want to have a half wall for the machine and desks so we can still enjoy the breeze and view while working. We might even be able to get a car in there!
We will repeat the siding that is on the front of the house so it matches. Check out my inspiration Mel Bombardiere (here)!

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