Friday, January 1, 2010

PG Tips Have Landed at Fresh and Easy

Hallelujah! PG Tips! Not a bad price either!

Yeah, Tesco said that they would not be selling English
stuff at Fresh and Easy, but my intrepid photographer
snapped some shots in the store of some real dandies:
tinned rice pud and custard at $ 3.99 and spotted dick
at $4.99. I like to see them explain that at the sample
counter! Spotted dick is actually a supper sweat
spongy steamed pudding with raisins usually served
with custard. On previous trips I have also spied with my
little eye baked beans and (huh?) tinned new potatoes.
What are they thinking? Don't get me wrong,
I LOVE the store!
I needed candied pecans and they had them.
Now I plan to campaign for real digestive bickies
(less sweet and more nutritious than graham crackers)
to dip in the tea!

Fresh and Easy (Britannia) float my boat!

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