Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Out of the Cupboard

Open shelving in the kitchen is a popular trend these days. I, personally am drawn to it because upper cupboards in the kitchen can be too obtrusive especially when the kitchen is small, and I just go gah gah for anything that is cantilevered! On the other hand, clutter and dust can be equally off-putting. How do you feel about this? Should the dishes stay in or come out of the cupboard? This is a great example of a combination from Metropolitan Home. Day dream away!


Anonymous said...

as much as i like the color theme here, the space seems a bit tight. the slate aspects seem to overwhelm the eye some. do you agree?

Emma Jurgensen said...

Yes, I totally agree. I have been looking at a lot of kitchens lately because of my own and my mum is also planning a remodel. I find that I am easily put off by any one thing that stands out too much. I chose this shot for the over head cabinets and open shelves. I would probably run into the corners of that island every day.

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