Saturday, October 25, 2008


I went up to Lake Ave. (Pasadena) to purchase more lawn signs, and to see if the Macy's store had re-opened! Yes on the lawn signs, no on the Macy's! Oh what to do? I still had 40 minutes in my parking spot. Oh yeah! I turned around and there was Anthropologie. I bought a cute retro hen timer there for my kitchen last month. In a Pasadena minute I came out with

a retro butterfly potholder,

a pearl in-lay switch plate

and decorative hook for the bathroom.

Check out their door knobs, pulls and switch plates at
{for your home}.

1 comment:

willow said...

I picked up one of those hen timers and almost bought it! Next time, I will!

Your Lambchop's birthday is Oct. 20?! What else do we have in common? :^)

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