Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playing House: Contemporary Dolls' Houses 1957 - 2007

Emilie at AT blogs on all things Australian on the LA page. This morning as I am looking for pillows I saw her post and got all excited and then realized they were NSF ! Ha! Never mind.

With all the negative press about housing these days, it is a relief to come across an exhibition that puts us "Martha types" back into "happy home" sphere. Dolls’ house collector, Anna-Maria Sviatko has chosen fourteen houses from her collection to display at the Canberra Museum and Gallery Check out her blog too!

I'm still looking for pillows.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for the link!

Emma J Kheradyar said...

I wish that I could see the show in person! Maybe it could travel over this way!

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