Monday, January 19, 2009

Community Service: MLK Day My Way

I picked up trash today in my neighborhood of LA 32. I put my Jarritos'08
t-shirt on and my gardening boots and gloves and I was off!
(These are all after shots because I did not want to juggle the camera while trying pick up trash.)

Yes, I picked up a expertly rapped loaded diaper, a condom, Kaiser Permanente hospital release papers, car parts, cigarette boxes, fast food containers and bags, sauce packets, candy wrappers, a DWP bill torn into pieces, a lot of junk mail, grocery flyers...

Hundreds of people watched me pick up the trash. Some waved, some looked at me strangely, many did not even make eye contact. Only one elderly gentleman spoke to me. He asked me if I was a volunteer and did I get paid...

... Towards the end, I picked up a pair of XXL khaki shorts and a black and white bandanna from the street near that stop sign. I was not about to pick up the truck or the laundry detergent/gasoline can!

It took me a hour and a half. I estimate that the bag weighs about twenty pounds. I feel good. I picked up trash and the bonus is that I feel like I've been to the gym!

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