Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh So Retro...Yarn Covered Hangers

I have been meaning to post about these hangers made by Nanny Blanche, mother to Marti, Gammi to Teri (all my American Marthas), ever since I began this blogging activity! I realized today that I just pasted my 100th post! Tah dah! These hangers were made in the seventies. Look how nicely that acrylic yarn and the pom poms have held up!
My Mum made these for me at about the same time, when my favorite color was purple!

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Deerchase HOA admin said...

My mom made these while watching tv, and made so many that they were given as gifts. I love them. I made them using 2 different colors and other variations, and these are my fancy hangers. Was just looking for a link to forward to someone on freecycle who was offering a box of hangers.

I'm not really in the market for another project, my hands are a little full, but suggested the project. Nice pics.

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