Friday, May 15, 2009

SAS for Retro Style Upholstery Fabric

Look Eames fabric!
Don't go in a hurry! Don't go hungry!
Don't go on a Sunday, they are closed!
Go with an open mind and cash! If you are looking for quality fabric at bargain prices,
this is the place to go!
If you want to cover multiple chairs,
you may have to dig for more pieces.
You will find it here at SAS Fabrics.
They deal in remnants
and have oodles of ribbon, trim and other goodies,
some of it is even vintage.


50s Pam said...

Thanks, Emma, I twittered this to get the word out... This company's web presence seems awful, though, I couldn't easily find their site.

Emma J Kheradyar said...

They are low tech, really no tech, but cheap and cheerful!

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